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Office Location and Contacts:

F & R Manufacturing
P.O. Box 569
Pleasant Hill, Oregon 97455
Orders: (800) 355-1250

FAX: (888) 861-2361

Local: (541) 895-4183

FAX: (541) 895-4186

Email: sales@pro-tec-toproducts.com

Broke Down ???????

Don't let this happen to you!!



Welcome to Pro-Tec-To® Products

Rhode Island - Distributors  


* Genalco, Inc.

Genalco Inc. has been serving New England since 1947, offering an extensive selection of wear parts for earth-moving equipment. The product line was expanded to include hydraulic hose and fittings, industrial hose, grease and other lubricants, safety items, and almost anything you can think of that relates to the construction industry.

Genalco, Inc.
380(Rear) Jefferson Blvd.
Warwick RI 02888
Phone: 401-736-9724
Fax: 401-736-9769



The Hose Connection

25 Canning Blvd.
Tiverton RI 02878
Phone: 401-624-2921
Fax: 401-624-2189

Some of our Applications at Work !!
Construction Equipment
Concrete Work
Oil Rigging
Pro-Tec-To Wrap Catalog Products Distributors Length Calc. Sheet (2 1/2" to 6")
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