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Office Location and Contacts:

F & R Manufacturing
P.O. Box 569
Pleasant Hill, Oregon 97455
Orders: (800) 355-1250

FAX: (888) 861-2361

Local: (541) 895-4183

FAX: (541) 895-4186

Email: sales@pro-tec-toproducts.com


Construction Equipment

Broke Down ???????
Don't let this happen to you!!

Industrial Hoses

Spiral Wrap that Installs
Easily Without Removing Hoses!!


Spiral Wrap Which Provides
Maximum Protection Against Abrasion
and Crushing Hoses!!

* Stop Costly Replacement & Down Time Due to Hose Failure!!
* Impervious to Oils, Solvents, Etc.!!
* Get a Jump on EPA and DEQ Requirements!!

Construction Equipment
Increases usable life and reduces repairs and down time. Saves Money!!
Spiral Wrap - Self lubricating and easy to install. (During hose assembly, after assembly, or after installation)!!
Spiral Wrap - Has a high resistance against ultraviolet weathering and a wide temperature range. (-180 F brittleness to +250 F softing point)!!
Sleeve that is flexible with a thin wall,
Tough!! - Excellent abrasion protection - 550% elasticity.
Light Duty Wrap - Great for Wire Management.
Some of our Applications in service !!  
Construction Equipment
Aggregate Work
Marine/Oil Equipment
Construction Equipment
Concrete Work
Oil Rigging

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