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Office Location and Contacts:

F & R Manufacturing
P.O. Box 569
Pleasant Hill, Oregon 97455
Orders: (800) 355-1250

FAX: (888) 861-2361

Local: (541) 895-4183

FAX: (541) 895-4186

Email: sales@pro-tec-toproducts.com

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Welcome to Pro-Tec-To Products

Alabama - Distributors  


* Cowin Equipment Company

At Cowin we recognize that repeat sales are generated by our product support capabilities more than any other reason. Our parts department has an extensive inventory of parts to insure maximum uptime. In fact it has long been our policy to exceed our manufacturers' "protected stock" recommendations so as to strive to maintain the highest availability percentages available, and help our customer-partners eliminate down time!

15101, ALabama Hwy. 20
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (256) 536-9390
P.O. Box 10624
Birmingham, AL 35202
Phone: (205) 841-6666
Fax: (205) 849-0853


* GHX Industrial, LLC

Founded in 1937, GHX Industrial, LLC is today a highly recognized value-added distributor - fabricator of industrial gaskets and hoses. GHX operates 12 locations along the Gulf coast of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida where we feature sheet gasket materials, spiralwounds, metallic heat exchanger gaskets, kammprofiles and ring joint gaskets. With inventories also consisting of numerous hose and fitting styles, GHX is able to cover a broad spectrum of applications for the petrochemical process, upstream, oil and gas, and OEM industries.
Other featured product lines include fasteners (stud bolts & nuts), belleville springs, expansion joints and high temperature textiles.

Corporate Offices:
GHX Industrial, LLC
3440 South Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77047
Tel: 713-222-2231
Fax: 713-228-9906


* Hose Power USA
If You have questions please call!

Hose Power is also located in Arizona California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas.

Hose Power USA
3950 Pinson Valley Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35215
Phone: (205) 949-1671
Fax: (205) 949-7675


* Kaman Industrial Technologies


Click here for other locations where Kaman Industrial distributes Pro-Tec-To Products.

1439 Pettyjohn Rd.
Shannon, AL 35142
Phone: (800) 292-4026
Fax: (205) 945-1149


* Motion Industries, Inc.
Please call
with any questions!!

Many locations throughout Alabama and the rest of the United States to serve you. Please click here to see other states where Motion Industries distributes Pro-Tec-To Products!


Click Here to see all 7 locations in Alabama.


Rubber & Specialties, Inc.
3589 De Sirrah Drive South
Mobile, AL 36618
Phone: (251) 471-5430
4490 Mobile Highway
Montgomery, AL 36108
Phone: 334-286-9393
Fax: 334-286-9010

* Specialty Products, Inc.

Specialty Products, Inc.
748 Donald Parkway
Fairfield, AL 35064
Phone: (205) 785-1116
Fax: (205) 785-1429

Some of our Applications at Work !!
Construction Equipment
Concrete Work
Oil Rigging
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